Wednesday, July 31, 2019

[REVIEW] VitaRealm® Beauty Skin Perfecting Essence

Sorry for being MIA again y'all.
To be honest this month hasn't been the kindest to me. 
Been going through intense stress and life changes that have impacted me physically and mentally.

I noticed my skin was taking a toll too and although I'm not in the best state to post this but I wanted to share this product with y'all since a little bit of self-care can make a big difference.


"Beauty is Power"

 Following the success of VitaRealm®'s Functional, VitaRealm® Beauty carries the same die-hard spirit of providing quality and effective products to users. VitaRealm® has since clinched the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) Promising Brand Award in 2018. Formulated with the finest natural ingredients, expect to look and feel your absolute best from now on - our beauty elixirs will help you achieve that ~glow~ from within.  

VitaRealm® clinched the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) 
Promising Brand Award in 2018. 

There is a solution for every skin type and in order to figure out which drink is the ideal solution for me - I had to figure out my 'Beauty Color'.
When I was choosing my 'Beauty Color', I knew Immediately I was PINK.

Skin Perfecting Essence

Diet affects our skin. Dairy products, food with high GI (eg. White rice) have been known to cause increase sebum production. This might just be the reason behind your clogged pores or pimples.

VitaRealm Skin Perfecting Essence contains acerola cherry that helps to balance sebum production, whiten and brighten skin tone.


So the moment of truth when I had my first bottle was...not bad at all! 
It has a fruity/berry taste and it felt refreshing since it contains sparkling water which aids digestion.
It wasn't overly sweet like some other collagen drinks that tries to cover up that fishy collagen taste and the texture wasn't thick either. 
It didn't leave any bad aftertaste in my mouth and it felt like I was drinking a yummy fruit juice. 

It wasn't just the taste that was lightweight - the bottle is also light-weight 
and easy to bring around, made it easy and convenient for travels. 

Although it says it's recommended to chill it first - I actually think it's quite nice even if it isn't! So you don't have to worry about the chilled bottle getting your bag wet or you have to wait till the next day to start your beauty routine. 


When I started my 16 days challenge, I wasn't taking care of myself at all.
I did not keep my skin in check and did not even fulfill the basic skincare routine that every girl should.
I just couldn't. 

I could see acne breakouts appearing around my chin and sides of my nose. Despite being lazy, I still want to look beautiful. Thus, I have decided to look for the most convenient and efficient way to solve my skin problems.

I could see acne breakouts appearing around my chin and sides of my nose. Despite being lazy, I still want to look beautiful. Thus, I have decided to look for the most convenient and efficient way to solve my skin problems.

It was a nice way to start off the day since it's sweet and refreshing. 
The taste isn't something you get sick and tired of so it was really easy to continue this routine for 16 the point where I was quite sad that I didn't have any more left after the 16 days :( 

What's interesting is that my sugar cravings were controlled during this time too.
Usually i LOVE to snack on sweet things but somehow since I was getting my daily dosage of a sweet drink - my sweet tooth wasn't looking for anything else...
cool huh?

This is when I realized that your skincare routine isn't just from the products you apply but what you put into your body. I was going to get my period during this challenge and somehow my hormonal breakout wasn't insane until I took up this challenge! 
Even though my skin wasn't well taken care of on the outside - I guess the internal care was compensating...which made me REALLY curious how much of a change I could have achieved If I put in the effort in my skin externally. 


How to Identify your "Beauty Color" from your skin concerns:

(image source: Vitarealm Beauty)

☑ Dull skin tone
☑ Dry skin
☑ Uneven skin tone
☑ Dark pigments

☑ Sensitive skin
☑ Troubled skin
☑ Acne-prone skin
☑ Acne scars
☑ Enlarged pores

☑ Thin & Dry skin
☑ Sagging skin
☑ Wrinkles & Fine lines

Next, choose the VitaRealm Beauty Drink based on Beauty Color:

 BLUE  Whitening Collagen
Helps to brighten skin, evens out skin tone, lightens dark pigments, hydrates skin

PINK → Skin Perfecting Essence

Balances sebum production, heal acne and scars, smoothens skin, treats trouble skin (e.g. acne, eczema, and blemishes)

PURPLE Anti-A.G.E Essence

Reduces sugar induced skin damages, minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, enhances elasticity, lighten skin pigmentation


Before I got with my final thoughts, I thought that I would share with you my skin journey via photo (aka Before/After):

Before/Day 1: You could see that my sebum production over the top.
If it can be used to fuel a car I think I'll have at least a week's supply. LOL
I also have acne scars and redness since I was an idiot during my preteen years and didn't take care of my skin as well as I should have...

6 bottles: You can see that the oil production isn't as bad on my cheeks but still a bit happening over on my nose. I know that there's no internal cure for acne scars but I felt like my skin looked a bit more...plump? or less uneven than when I first started. 

12 bottles: You can see that the sebum level on my skin is much better now.
I can't say that this is how my skin is like at the end of the day but... compared to when I first started off with THAT level of sebum production at the start of the day... I think it's a pretty good change? On this date it was actually my 2nd day of my period and you can see that I have no breakouts or acne marks right? :) 
I'm quite happy that I was able to survive my hormonal breakouts! 

I just want to end this review to let everyone know that it's important to take care of yourself. You'll come across highs and lows at unexpected moments in life.
It's okay to take a step back and tell the world you're not okay and that you need time to get your life back together. 
Your body, skin, and mental well-being is so important since you only have one in this lifetime - so take good care of it. :)  

Grab yours and start your inner beauty routine by purchasing it here!
Each box comes with 8 bottles with free doorstep delivery for all orders in Singapore OR you can find it at Watsons at a special price of SGD$39.90 for a limited time only!

Thank you to both VitaRealm Beauty Singapore and the Sample Store!


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

[REVIEW] New Hair, Who dis? J&J Hair Identity Organic Salon in Singapore

Guess who's back?

Today I'm back to share about my recent hair color experience at this Organic Hair Salon in sunny Singapore called J&J Hair Identity Salon
I think it's not a surprise that I LOVE expressing myself through my hair color and when I heard that you can achieve #haircolorgoals with organic hair dyes...I was like SIGN ME UP.

About J&J Hair Identity Salon

The salon is located at Katong and it was really easy to find the salon which located on the second level of Katong Square. 

I loved the exterior of the salon so much!
I wouldn't be surprised if some people thought it's a cafe or something - haha.
If you're wondering what J&J stands for - it's the initials of their 2 founders: Jasmine and Jac!

The salon is like minimalist x nature 
It was really neat and it fell super chill sitting on their comfy chair.

They use products that have certified organic ingredients because they want to use products that cares for the environment and protects the customer's health while maintaining the beauty of their hair!

J&J Hair Identity Salon uses products from Natulique Professional Hair Care 
Natulique Professional Hair Color!
Their products are made from natural ingredients that provides a gentle alternative to regular hair color products and extra hair conditioning benefits.

Their unique & exclusive formula is derived from pure natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil & apricot seed oil - which are all super moisturizing ingredients! This formula allows you to enjoy beautiful hair colors with less chemicals! 

☑ 100% Ammonia-Free
☑ 100% Lauryl Sulfate Free
100% Parabens Free
☑ 100% Grey Hair Coverage
☑ 98.02% derived from natural sources

☑ Pleasant Mild Odour

☑ Natural Ingredients

Your hair can feel assured that it will be well-taken care of with an Organic Hair Salon in Singapore that uses Organic Hair Care & Organic Hair Dye that is ECOCERT certified! 


Now let's get to the fun part!

First Jac started by bleaching my roots.
Throughout the entire process, he asked if I felt uncomfortable or pain on my scalp.
Really considerate  :)

After the roots, It was time to bleach the rest of my hair!
Super excited to see how much yellow yellow I can get rid of.

After washing off the bleach!
I was quite happy to see that my hair was now becoming pink-ish and no longer super yellow.
This is important to me since after the color starts to fade, I don't want to be left with a dirty/unaesthetic yellow blonde hair.

The final step that I was super looking forward to!
The purple x ash time!

While I was waiting, I realized that throughout the entire process...
I didn't really notice a strong chemical smell hitting my nose.
For someone who's been coloring my hair for a LOOONG time, this was a really pleasant surprise.


*drum roll*

When I saw this color, I thought that it looked just like a gemstone.
With a bit of searching, I thought this color should be called 'Lepidolite'! 

It is considered one of the best mood stabilizers among all the gemstones! 
It's that perfect purple x ash. 

Here's a comparison photo of my hair before and after I bleached & colored it! 
Although this was my 4th round of bleaching, I didn't suffer any hair breakage or overly dry hair.
I think it's because of the organic products that were used!

If you want to read more reviews of the salon, check out the reviews here on!

Book your appointment today!:

Katong Square #02-11, Singapore 423371

Thank you to both J&J Hair Identity Salon and the Sample Store for this new look!


Saturday, March 23, 2019

[REVIEW] My secret to glass skin within 6 days! HERA Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0

Hey y'all...missed me?

I came crawling out of my antisocial hole just to share about this product that I had to share with you guys! This isn't my first time using this product - this is actually my third time using this product so even though this post is previous time wasn't so #goodthingsmustshare!

Recently I'm trying to avoid applying foundation and to focus on my skincare routine. It's because I'm going to be saying an unwilling farewell to my 20's and lets just say my skin was in a very abusive relationship all because of me and my zero knowledge in taking care of my skin. 

I don't want anyone to go down the same path as me so it's time for some Skincare 101 with Hera! 

About Hera
HERA, the leading luxury K-Beauty brand, aims to spread the special unique charm
of modern Korean women. Seoulista is the muse of HERA, representing the
exceptional beauty of modern Korean women who are fashionable, elegant,
confident and passionate. They are the style icon of K-Beauty as well as the beauty
messenger leading trends in Asia. The brand is fronted by Korean actress, Gianna
Jun and Jennie Kim from Blackpink

What is 'Desertification'?
Yes, your skin can literally become like the Sahara Desert if we don't take care of it! It doesn't help that as we get older, it's a problem that we can't escape.
Desertification can include problems like...

● dry, tight, and rough skin
● gradual buildup of dead skin cells 

Don't confuse 'dry skin' with 'desertification' - they're two different things!
'Desertification' is related to the aging of the skin's constitution.
Dry skin means your skin needs water, so you just need to drench your skin with water. Desertified skin means your skin can't hold onto the water!

Here's a checklist to see if you have 'desertified' skin:
  ☑ Your skin used to be fine even when nothing was applied after washing, 
but now it feels very dry
  □ Slept soundly but skin still feels rough
  ☑ Skin damaged from sleeping late or staying up all night does not heal back like it did before
  ☑ You’ve been applying anything and everything you could but your skin still looks bad
  ☑ Makeup looks bad and flaky, does not apply well
  □ Your skin still looks dull and dark despite apply makeup

4/6 - Sadly, I am definitely on the 'desertified' skin group... T_T

Does this mean my skin is hopeless? Thankfully...NO!!
You can actually save your desertified skin with HERA Cell Essence Cell-Bio

About HERA Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0 
(150ml $80)
This is a pre-water essence that prevents “skin desertification” and moisturizes
skin for a bright, dewy complexion, also know as the “Glass Skin”. Suitable for all skin types as this skin problem is something all skin types can relate to.

Contains Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™ 2.0, which is a body fluid-mimicking solution that fills and locks in body fluid. The reason why this is '2.0' is because this is the upgraded version of the Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™! It helps to improve the skin condition and delivers healthy-looking skin and providing nourishment to the skin.

The essence contains 8 essential vital nutrients in body fluid composition to prevent skin desertification by reinforcing the underlying power of your skin. 
  Ion: Moisturizing
  Amino Acid: Skin Evenness
  Peptide: Skin Brightness
  Sugar: Transparency
  Lipid: Firming
  GAG: Resilience
  NMF: Moisturizing
  Water: Skin Hydration

How To Use
Apply twice a day after cleansing your face. 
(2.5ml* each use - 5ml a day)
*1/3 of the cotton pad will be soaked

Morning: Pour the essence (2.5ml) onto your hands and gently pat onto the face using your fingertips to awaken the skin. 

Night: Use the Facial Care Cotton Pad and apply all over the face. 
Hold the pad in a diamond shape and wrap around the middle finger. Pour 2.5ml onto the pad and gently sweep over and pat onto the face from the center to the outer part of your face. 

The Facial Care Cotton Pad comes with two unique sides:
Image Source: Hera Website

Wave-Patterned Side: A soft and gentle texture that gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin.

Mesh-patterned side: This waffle-like texture helps to remove dead skin and dirt that has accumulated over the day. 

Overall Thoughts
At first I thought that achieving 'glass skin' in just a short period of time sounds CRAZY! 
I was pleasantly surprised when after my FIRST use I could see a bit of 'shine' (not oil FYI!!) on my nonexistent cheekbones. The cotton really helps to remove the dead skin cells and is great for dull skin.  

Can you see? This is with NO HIGHLIGHTER!
Unfortunately I don't have that perfect porcelain skin but I think that if I religiously use this everyday - it will help cleanse out my pores = on the road to better skin!

Just in case you wanted to see what my skin was like prior to using the Essence...
My skin hasn't been in the best condition since my work trip to Japan. T_T
Check out all them acne on my chin area...

[1 week later]
I don't expect a crazy difference since that would be scary...
I can tell that the acne around my chin area has gotten better though! 
Also I'm enjoying how my skin looks like it's glowing from within - not as dull as before.

I also loved how this essence is nourishing and hydrating but doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky and absorbs quickly into the skin. 
I've tried other essences before and it takes a bit of time till it's fully absorbed into the skin...which means my skincare routine will take longer since I need to wait till every step is properly absorbed. 

Join the Glass Skin Challenge!

You can achieve the trending glass skin in 6 days!
All you just have to do is to redeem the product here to get started on the challenge!
Every sample comes with a hydration test strips so you can see the difference before & after you use the Hera Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0!

Thank you to both Hera Singapore and the Sample Store for letting me try this product out!