Wednesday, June 22, 2016

[Health x Wellness Wednesday x Review x Sponsored] My first Milia Seed Removal treatment with Expressions Singapore!

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone!
Besides improving my body's health, I believe that wellness includes taking care of your skin!

Today's blogpost will be about Milia Seeds/Oil Clogs Removal-  one of the services Expressions Singapore has to offer!

The pioneer in the industry and introduced the concept of "Total Wellness". 
Expressions Singapore believes that looking and feeling good is a result from being healthy and fit. 
Expressions provides only the best products, programs, and services to their customers.
Their philosophy embraces a holistic and natural approach to achieve a better inner and outer well-being. 

What is Milia Seeds?
Milia Seeds (or also known as oil seeds) are keratin-filled (the same stuff from your nails!) bumps that develop around the eye and nose area. They cause the skin's texture to become rough and uneven - which is something we never EVER want! People can get milia seeds these from using overly rich creams or oil-based skincare products. For other cases, it's hereditary, caused by hormonal changes, from medication, and/or pollutants. Good news is that they're not harmful! Just not the prettiest thing to form on your face and annoying to remove because it's deep within the skin.

How to Prevent Milia Seeds?
The best thing you can do is to avoid using creams that are too rich for your eye area because it can cause pore blockages. Besides skincare, avoid cosmetic products like concealers that are super-rich when trying to conceal those annoying panda eyes. Grab an oil-free lotion and/or cream and SUNBLOCK!! Since sunburns can also cause skin damage that might result in cysts. 
Finally, just keep your skin as clean from excess bacteria, eat right, and exercise! 
Your skin is the mirror of your health, so taking care of your body will result in better skin! 

Is it similar to whiteheads and blackheads?
Whiteheads: They're a type of acne that's small in size and remains under the skin. They're also known as a close comedones. Whiteheads develop when hair follicles become clogged because of dead skin and sebum. 
Blackheads: Blackheads are much larger than whiteheads and they leave your pores open. When pores are open, they can get clogged with sebum and dead skin cells. When this happens, the open air will oxidize and discolor the pore-clogging material...resulting in the dark, black-looking blackheads. 

This is a safe, comfortable, and effective advance electrolysis treatment that's suitable for both men and women. 
The treatment is performed by a highly-trained senior aesthetician and they use a sterilized disposable needle to ensure personal hygiene and safety. 
Great thing about this treatment is that it doesn't require any surgery, medication, scar, side effect, and/or down time!

The treatment time depends on the size, number, and nature of the problem. It's important that the treated area isn't overdone so there's a possibility that the treatment will be spread out into a few sessions. 
My case was very minor so I only needed one session and it took less than 15 minutes! 

Interested to see what the process is like?
Here's what it was like below! ↓

At the waiting room with my trusty mask!
For any facial treatments, I try to go without any makeup on! 

So here's a zoom up to 2 of my milia seeds.
Do note that mine aren't serious and they're quite hard to spot!
Although they don't stand out too much, you can feel 2 bumps on my face.

So what's done first?
There's a gel that's applied to where the milia seeds are.

The machine that will be used for the procedure.

Here you can see Elaine using the ultra fine needle to penetrate into the skin!
Although Elaine said that it might feel slightly painful, I didn't really feel much.
Maaaaaybe it felt like a slight ant bite but it won't bother you.

After the treatment

The treatment was done in less than 15 minutes!!!!
The treatment was easy and fast, so you can drop by during your lunch time~
Here's what my skin looked like ↓↓
It's hard to see but when I took a look at it in the mirror, my skin was now flat an smooth!!!
No scarring or side effects! It's a little pink because this was taken right after the treatment.

Want to try the Milia Seed Removal treatment or another product from Expressions Singapore?
Great news!!! The treatment is having as special promotion right now!
You can enjoy this treatment at an affordable price of SGD$38.00!!!
To find out more, just click on this link here!

For more information or updates from Expressions Singapore, check out the following links:

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121 Penang Road
#01-02 Regency House
Singapore 238464
Tel: 6735 7586

Expressions @ Thomson
200 Upper Thomson Road
#01-09 Sin Ming Plaza
Singapore 574424
Tel: 6358 1555

A huge thank you to Expressions Singapore and Elaine from the Thomson branch for the great service and teaching me the difference between milia seed, blackhead, and white heads! It was definitely a great learning experience!!


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